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CCTV System Singapore


In today’s world having the best security for your business is paramount to the health and well being of your company. This means that you will need systems that are cost-efficient, but highly effective at keeping your building or facility secure while providing a means to see, track, and capture intruders.


CCTV System Singapore


Over the years, CCTV camera & systems have been used in businesses and government institutions for decades. They expand the eyes of your security forces while providing evidence of those who break in to your company. Today, thanks to advanced technology they have become more potent than ever as a security measure.


What are CCTV Systems in Singapore?


Essentially, they are closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that place cameras at various points both inside and outside your building or facility. The visual information captured by the cameras are sent to a singular point in your building where security personnel can both see and record the events as they happen in real time.

Installing this type of system starts with a representative who visits your building and maps out where the cameras should go, the room in which monitors will be present and the overall cost so that you get an estimate of what it takes to protect your building. If you accept the estimate, the system will be installed in a relatively short period of time.

Today, digital advancements in both camera and communication technology have allowed for CCTV systems to produce better images and be placed at a fraction of what they once cost only a few years ago. This is because the cameras are smaller, but provide a much sharper image and the signal can be sent through wires or wireless depending on your particular needs.


Benefits of CCTV


Early Detection: CCTV systems that are placed at doorways, hallways, and entrances provide your security with eyes needed to see break-ins in all parts of your building. From entrances that are seldom used to picking out intruders coming in through different areas of your building, the security system that CCTV provides is invaluable in detecting entries by intruders.

Recording Events: In criminal cases, the digital recordings of CCTV systems have been used to verify the identity of those entering your building and the actions that followed. This provides protection for your security personnel in the actions they have taken.

Deterrence: Quite often, the mere sight of cameras can deter criminals from intruding into your building. This visual presence quite often turns away far more intruders than dare to challenge the security of your business because they understand the ramifications of what they represent.




CCTV is a one of the critical component within the Corporate Security System. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Time Attendance System to deliver the full functionality of Corporate Security Management. However, our hardware & software are designed to be modular where the CCTV System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.

If you are interested in CCTV systems, be sure to give us a call today and let our friendly, courteous representative tell you about how it can work for your business. They will answer your questions and let you know what systems may be perfect for your needs. All it takes is a simple phone call and you can start enjoying the benefits of having CCTV systems installed in your office, retail, or commercial building.


Enhance Security of Your Business Via CCTV

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