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Benefits of a Complete Corporate Security System in Singapore


When it comes to protecting your business, the days of just locking the doors and having an alarm are not enough. Today’s intruders not only strike quickly, but they may come from places you do not expect which include your own employees. This is why having a complete corporate security system or solution is needed so that your business is protected against a range of threats.


What is a Corporate Security System?


Put simply, it is a combination of different security measures that offer maximum protection for your business. Some of these systems have been around for decades while others have been recently developed and include the following:


Corporate Security System Singapore


  • BioMetric Door Lock Access
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera & Video Recording
  • Turnstile to Control Human Traffic
  • PA System to provide Effective Communication and more


The combination of these security measures with a trained security staff and other products adds immensely to the security of your facility. In essence, each separate system hardens your facility against theft, burglary, property damage and more by providing the proper traffic control & monitoring, visual oversight with camera system, restricted access and a public announcement system to communicate with employees. These technologies enable the security team to perform their jobs flawlessly.


How it Works


By putting all of these items together into one effective system, the security for a business is greatly amplified and provides for far better reaction to intrusions, quicker response to immediate dangers, search and detection of theft that may come from outside persons or employees of the business itself.

The BioMetric Door Lock Access for example limits the entry of certain areas only to approved personnel. This greatly restricts the possibility of potential theft from outside sources.

The Turnstile at entrance ways better controls the traffic going into and out from the building which provides time for security to react in case a threat has been detected.

The CCTV Camera system provides security solutions with an overview of the entrance ways as well as critical areas of the building. In this manner, any theft, threat or danger can be seen and the proper reaction provided thanks to the visual information from the camera system. In addition, putting recorders on the cameras provides evidence for the authorities to use in criminal cases.

The PA system allows security to inform employees of potential dangers or threats and provide the appropriate emergency response. So, in addition to the standard security measures, if there is a fire or other natural disaster the PA allows effective communication that may save lives.

The end result is not only a safer building, but an atmosphere of protection that brings about peace of mind. While no security system is perfect, having these measures in place means that your company is less of a target and can focus more on the business at hand.

When it comes to the security of your business, having the best corporate security system not only protects your property, but your employees as well. It pays to call the best security provider like us who can answer your questions and offer our best support in a complete corporate office security system that fits your budget and has the protection your property needs.


How can HRMS Singapore help you?


We have experts and professionals who have many years of experience implementing security solutions for corporate offices and premises. Our Security consultants are very familiar with different security systems & equipment and their applications in different environment. We will perform a site visit and survey, discuss and understand your concerns and goals, propose and work our best and viable solutions, tailor to your environment to protect your business assets and employees. Engage our Service by calling us for a no obligation consultation today!




Corporate Security System is a critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Time Attendance System to deliver the full functionality of Human Resource Management. However, our software are designed to be modular where the Corporate Security System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.

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