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Door Access System in Singapore


One of the most important security devices that your company or organization in Singapore has at its disposal is the door. A door secures the entrance to a room or building that cannot be accessed unless the user has a key, code, or device to get through. However, all too often doors are left unlocked and easily accessed by anyone that may compromise the security of your building.


Door Access System Singapore


In order to improve your security without having to purchase keys or install old-fashioned locking devices is the door access system.


What is a Door Access System?


Instead of a traditional lock, this system can use a variety of devices that provides access to authorized employees
while keeping everyone else out.

This type of system can use one of at least four different electric devices that open when the appropriate code is provided.


  • Keypad
  • Proximity Card
  • Proximity Token
  • Biometric


Systems that use the keypad are quickly fading due to two basic factors. Employees can tell the code to anyone allowing access through the pad and the keypad itself gives away the numbers that are used because they are worn down.

Proximity cards and tokens are more secure in that it is a physical property and not a code that allows access. They are easy to use and there is nothing for the employee to remember, save for bringing the card or token with them. However, lost tokens or cards can be used by criminals to infiltrate your building.

Biometric door lock devices are the latest range and for good reason as they provide the best in protection that is very difficult for criminals to steal or appropriate. Fingerprint and face recognition software provides excellent protection, but it does cost more than the other types of door access system products.


Advantages of Door Access System in Singapore


The benefits are considerable when using this type of system to protect your business in Singapore. This is especially true if you are keeping money, products, or information that is desired by others.


  • First Line of Defense
  • Difficult to Overcome
  • Time Consuming to Break
  • Easy to Use


It provides your security with the first line of defense that can be difficult for many criminals to overcome. Intruders will have to spend more time in your building which increases the likelihood that they can be caught. The time element is a very important one when considering the use of these devices. Plus, they are easy to use for your employees who are placed in the system so they have access to where they need to go.

If your company or organization is in need of solid, dependable security that is convenient to use and helps protect access to your building a door access system provides the answer. Call today and ask about the different types of systems that are available for your company. It is a cost-effective security system that provides protection to the more sensitive areas of your building. So call today and start increasing the security of your business by getting a door access system.




Door Access System is a critical components within the Corporate Security System. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Time Attendance System to deliver the full functionality of Corporate Security Management. However, our software are designed to be modular where the Door Access System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.


Enhance Security of Your Business Via Restricted Access to sensitive locations.

Manage Access with Smart Door Access System, have peace of mind to operate your business!

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