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Manage Your Employee’s Dormitory Record, Property Lease Effectively to lower the Cost Of Operation in Singapore

As a responsible Employer in Singapore, you are constantly looking out to provide the best accommodation for your foreign employees to make them feel at home so that they perform and deliver the best results for your company.


Dormitory Management System


However, there are usually challenges in housing the foreign employees in Singapore where land is scarce and it is often a requirement for the employer to look out for a suitable dormitory or shelter for their foreign employee to cope with labour crunch and operating cost.


  • Do you always spend time in allocating employees to available dormitory unit?
  • Do you face problems in choosing the right dormitory environment for the employees?
  • Are you in complete control of your dormitory surplus?
  • Do you always have to go through copies of dormitory records to backtrack how many you are left to?

If you encounter one or more of the above issues, that’s where a Dormitory Management System comes in handy to help you remove these hassles.


What is Dormitory Management System?


Dormitory Management System is a Window-based & Mobile Application System that enables you to manage your employees dormitory records easily. It is developed and engineered locally in Singapore after years of research on the needs of such a system in the market.


What are the Benefits of Dormitory Management System?


  • Better manage of your employees dormitory information in a system
  • Keeping track on dormitory contract expiry
  • Reporting system on dormitory & occupants


Features of Dormitory Management System


PC Windows Version

  • Windows Dormitory Management SystemUser alert System on lease or contract expiry
  • Maintain & access active and expired dormitory contracts
  • Manage dormitory contract information
  • Manage dormitory units
  • Categorizing & Grouping of employees
  • Check-in employees to available dormitory units
  • Check-out employees from dormitory units
  • Transfer employees to available dormitory units
  • Reporting System


Mobile Dormitory Management SystemMobile Device version:

  • Check employees in and out from dormitory through mobile devices.
  • Bulk Check-in employees
  • Check dormitory occupant’s profile
  • Check dormitory occupant list




Dormitory Management System is a critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS)Corporate Security System to deliver the full functionality of Employee Dormitory Record Management. However, our software are designed to be modular where the Dormitory Management System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.

Have Your Employee Dormitory Record at Your Finger Tips in Singapore

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