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What is Face Recognition System?


Face Recognition System is a Biometric Artificial Intelligence system that is capable of identifying a person from a digital video or image by capturing the face features and match it with the database of registered faces. It analyze the patterns based on the person’s unique 3D facial textures and shapes.


Face Recognition System Advantage Over Fingerprint Technology


  • High Accuracy – ‘Dual Sensor TM’ matches against more data points than fingerprint.
  • Great Reliability – Fingerprint is unsuitable for 5% of users. Face recognition has < 0.0001% failure to enrol and acquire rate.
  • Contactless Identification – Face ID requires no physical contact, making it inherently more hygienic than fingerprint


Biometric Facial Clock Reader


FaceID started in the market since 2008 and developed “Dual Sensor™” facial recognition algorithm which has completely independent intellectual property rights for it. “Dual Sensor™” adopts two special cameras which just like a person’s eyes. This technology not only remains the advantages of 2D facial recognition, but also combines part information from 3D facial recognition.

“Dual Sensor™” has fast identification speed and highly accurate recognition rate, and its capacity researches to the world class. “Dual Sensor™” has laid a solid foundation for large scale of application of facial recognition.

Our Face Recognition Device packs with full functionalities and features you need for your business and security. Check with our Sales Specialist for more details.


Facial Recognition System


  • Contactless for ultimate hygiene
  • High Usability: Failure to enrol or false reject rate is much lower than fingerprint. Fingerprint can be affected by wet, dry, dirty and faint print.
  • Fast & accurate, recognition < 1 sec, FAR (False Acceptance Rate) < 0.001%
  • Works well even in darkness
  • Wi-Fi Enabled (Model without Wifi Available)
  • 2000 base face-user capacity (1:N); Expandable to 4,000 (1:N) or 20,000 (1:1)

Face Recognition System Work as Time Attendance or Access Control


FaceID can be used for door access control or time attendance tracking. This Face Recognition System works perfect for the following applications that we have:


Integration With Other HRMS Systems


Face Recognition System is another critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Door Access System and time attendance System to deliver the full functionality of Human Resource Management. Our software is designed to be modular where the Face Recognition System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation. Talk to us to find out more about our products and services!


Get the best Face Recognition System to Manage Human Traffics For Security & Access

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