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How HRIS Software works for your Business?


Human Resources is the heart of how a business operates or manages on a day-to-day basis. It was not long ago that coordinating all the elements associated with employees from accounting, payroll and management was difficult to do in a timely manner.

The switch from a paper-based system to one that used computers helped increase efficiency and support, but each element still existed in their separate software systems that still needed to be printed out and shared which took time. Today however, the HRIS software system allows for total coordination electronically which results in a faster, more efficient system for human resources. Couple with the reporting and analytic capability, It enables a birds eye view of the employee resource situation of your company to give timely information for critical decision making.


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What is HRIS?


HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System, it is a powerful software which is designed & developed to process the Human Resources and jobs information of your business in a total electronic environment. Instead of having separate software systems and working through printouts, HRIS software puts all of that information in a central data repository and process it on a computer which allows for a more efficient means to run your Human Resource job and activities.

The HRIS software solution is for business large and small in Singapore to run a number of task/activities/project all electronically which includes management, payroll and accounting along with human resources. By connecting all the interrelated fields, the software system can increase the efficiency of search for all relevant information and enhance services while cutting down on errors and misplaced information.

The main purpose of the software system is to provide the best information possible to the senior manager so that they can make the best decisions possible about the productivity of their employees and managerial staff.


How Our HRIS Software Can Work for You?


The software solutions for our HRIS cover many aspects of the daily tracking that must be done for management and employees.


  • Employee Information: Including history, personal details and the like
  • Claim Settings: Configured for your business
  • Leave Settings: Configured to fit your policies
  • MOM Leaves’ Entitlements & Regulations
  • Systematic Pro-Rate of Leave Entitlement, Service Year & Increment
  • Employee Leave Application, Information & History
  • Management Leave Approval
  • Management Claim Approval
  • Track Employee Course Information
  • Report all Print Outs: Including Custom Report Writer, Employee Details and the like
  • Administrative Letters: Includes Confirmation & Contract Letter and Salary Adjustment
Employee Details Screenshot
Leave Application Screenshot
Claims Application Screenshot



HRIS is an essential and critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Payroll Management System, Time Attendance System, Leave Management and Corporate Security System to deliver the full functionality of HRIS. However, our software are designed to be modular where the HRIS can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation. Email or call us to find out more!

A HRIS that Adapts to your ever growing HR Needs in Singapore!

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