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What is Learning Management System (LMS) in Singapore?


A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, monitoring and delivery of training programs in a commercial corporate companies or educational institutions on a digital platform. It is sometimes referred to as “e-Learning“.

With the Advancements of Communication and Internet Technologies, it had fuel the power of Learning Management System to make training development & course delivery easier, at a lower cost and higher efficiency.

Learning Management Systems range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing online or blended/hybrid college courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration. LMS also act to augment the lessons the trainer/teacher is giving in a class room or lecture room environment, not just replace these resources. Corporate training departments use LMS to deliver training online, as well as to encourage continuous education and collaboration among employees in a geographical distributed location to enhance their skills. Learning Management System has rapidly become a critical corporate tool to demonstrate the organisation’s care and focus on employee development, thus creating a significant business impact through enhancing the motivation and morale of employees.


Advantages & Benefits of Learning Management System (LMS)?


You can get the Most of Learning Management System with these Benefits:

  • Facilitate the deployment of your trainings on ONE platform, deliver to multiple devices on PC, tablets etc.
  • Equip your HR department & management with a powerful reporting tool for enterprise knowledge & decision making.
  • Reduce Cost of Training on Travel, manpower to administer the training logistics, printing of materials and employee’s time.
  • Suits well for trainees across all age, trainee can do their training at their own pace, collaborate with other trainee online to enhance training effectiveness.
  • Individual trainee could track their own training history to track their personal skills development where they are accounted for themselves.


Learning Management System & Features


Inscribe your company in a sustainable dynamic of development by equipping yourself with an LMS platform allowing the publishing of your training for thousands of learners.


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HRMS Singapore is proud to present to you, Talentsoft (Formally e-doceo), the world leading and powerful IT Solutions dedicated for Training. To date, there are about 6 Million users around the world using the Talentsoft software, getting the benefits of this powerful software platform to learn, acquire and transform knowledge to values for their company.

Talentsoft is a product that originated from France, it was developed and designed after many years of profound research on the corporate needs in the training & development domain. The design aims to make it easy & fast for training to be published, managed and delivered as end results. We shall assist to ensure you sign on a package that you could get the maximum value of your investment!

Talentsoft comes with these 3 key packages and features:

Deliver Training course image

Deliver Training Courses

  • Diffusion of blended learning courses
  • Conformity with SCORM & AICC standards
  • Web 2.0 communication features (forum, blog, etc.)
  • Reporting & certification
  • Configuration features
Training Catalogue

Propose Contents on Catalogue

  • Management and organization of the training courses catalog
  • Subscriptions by micro-payment and/or validation workflow
  • Management of monthly, weekly… subscriptions
  • Knowledge management
Virtual Classroom Software Interface

Lead Virtual Classrooms

  • Live management of voice exchanges, one to one, one to many
  • Synchronous video & audio conference
  • Animation tools : white board, text editor, chat
  • Creation of quiz, poll tools
  • Recording of the sessions

Why Choose Talentsoft?


Choosing Talentsoft is to have a powerful learning content publishing and learners’ monitoring solution which price adjusts to the number of trained employees. You ONLY pay for what you use! You can facilitate the deployment of your training across all platforms on PC or mobile devices. It can guide individuals along the training path based on the skills required for their job role. You can take advantage of different integrated community tools to develop informal or social learning among learners.

For manager or supervisor, the system helps you manage your people’s skill, monitor their progress with powerful analysis tools and give them recognition with minimal tools training. Talentsoft learning manager offers a solution that meets the needs of data security for the most sensitive businesses (banking, security of territories, etc.). The flexibility and scalability of the configuration of the solution enable the specific required customization to meet your organizational needs without any IT development.

Contact us to know more about the package, support & service below and get help from our professional team to work & propose the best package base on your individual organisation needs with no obligations.

LMS package

These are some of the companies worldwide who is currently using the Talentsoft Learning Management System.


e-doceo references



Learning Management System is another critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It can work hand in hand with other HRMS modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in tracking employee details and development, to deliver the full functionality of Learning Management System to develop the skills of your workforce. The software are designed to be modular where the Learning Management System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.

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