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Have Total Control over Your Manpower Resource Availability


As the manpower resource in your company grows, it is important to have a robust Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to manage the resources and Leave Management System, is an essential component in HRMS, it enables the business owner to have full visibility and control over the resource availability. This is critical to ensure the continuity of the business operation.

Our Leave Management System has a web-based application which enables staffs to manage their leave records and for their respective supervisors or management to approve and keep track of their subordinates leave information via the internet. With this online electronic leave management system, it provides the conveniences to your staffs and reduces the workload of data entry on your HR personnel.


Leave Management System Singapore


The user friendly interface and accessibility on the web allows employees to be able to submit the leave application anytime, anywhere.

Developed using .NET and SQL technology, it provides the flexibility to customize the E-Leave Portal according to company specific requirements and policies.  Our Leave Management System can also be integrated together with our HRMS system, thus ensuring there would not be any data repetition or re-entry. The System can also run standalone and integrate to a larger HRMS later as business scales.


How HRMS Singapore Leave Management System Works for You


The software solutions for our Employee Leave Management System cover many aspects of the daily management and tracking of leave application and forecast by management and employees.


  • Bird Eyes View of “Who’s On Leave” in your department upon login.
  • Easy Application, Amendment and Cancellation of Employee Leave.
  • Check leave balance and History details of Leave.
  • Easy Review and Approval of subordinates’ leave records.
  • Email notification functionality.
  • Allows settings of company leave policies.
  • Caters for MOM regulation on certain leave types (e.g. Paternity/Maternity leave)
  • Support multi level of approval if required.
  • Different Hierarchical layers of management access to staffs’ leave records.
  • Allows ad-hoc increment of leave days by individual.
  • Comprehensive reports like Employee Leave Details Report, Leave Application Summary Report, Employee Leave Scheme Report, Leave Transaction Report etc.
  • Employee information, miscellaneous settings like Company, Departments, public holiday can be linked from our HRMS.
  • Support direct linkage of leave transactions to our Time Attendance System.
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Leave Management System is an essential and critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Payroll Management System, Time Attendance System and Corporate Security System it’s full functionality. However, our software are designed to be modular where our Leave Management System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation and policy.

A LMS which Give You Full Control Over your Manpower Resource in Singapore!

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