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Talentsoft e-learning manager is a new & powerful training platform (Learning Management System) accessible to every learners, supervisor, manager and trainers in Singapore. It provides a friendly environment where the trainer/supervisor can learn & monitor the employee’s progress and implement tutoring actions. As a first step towards e-learning or to train thousands of learners, Talentsoft learning manager meets or even excel your expectations. It is a flexible platform which could scale and reach to thousands of users or cater to specific groups of users for targeted learning. The best part of it is you pay for only what you use!


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Benefits of e-Learning System in Singapore


  • It facilitate the deployment of your training on PC or mobile devices.
  • Equip your HR department with a powerful reporting tool for enterprise knowledge.
  • The price of the tool adjusts according to the number of your trained employees.


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Overview of the Talentsoft e-Learning Capabilities and Feature


Structure your e-Learning training

The Talentsoft e-learning manager enables to organize blended e-learning training mixing on-site actions, e-learning and virtual classrooms. Your trainers can easily design training courses incorporating any type of SCORM/AICC/Tin Can API standardized (e-learning modules, virtual classes, etc.) or non-standardized (PowerPoint, PDF, videos, etc.) resources.


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Monitor your learners with a Powerful Analysis Tool

By maximizing the use of IT standards for training, the LMS stores the actions of the learner and offers rich educational information (time spent per learning unit, number of logins, date of last login, progress status). Educational and administrative reporting is done in a few clicks and allows your training department to implement quality educational monitoring. The platform offers powerful features that simplify the management of large volumes of learners and tutoring actions. Talentsoft e-learning manager also provides you with solutions to optimize recruitment tests, surveys or satisfaction surveys.


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Welcome to the Age of training 2.0 Social Learning!

Talentsoft e-learning manager encourages learning communities thanks to powerful social learning functionalities. At the system’s core, an ingenious information feed embedded on the platform is dedicated to educational interactions, in the form of a micro-blogging system. Enjoy the benefits of a firmly user-centric solution that accommodates all of the latest web practices, with different community tools specially designed to foster informal learning, like wikis, forums, documents, feeds, blogs, and more.


Manage your People skills

Talentsoft e-learning manager is a powerful solution that is easily embedded to the HRIS of your business. This provides you with the best technology to accurately follow the evolution of your human resources. Set up certification programs to validate skills improvement on specific issues of your internal or external teams (distribution network, agency work, etc.). Thus you will bring consistency in knowledge across the entire value chain of the company.


Motivate your Learners with Trophies

With the “learning mindset” – a revolutionary concept of trophy icons that give learners an instant view of their degree of involvement in their training program – users are now, more than ever, in the driver’s seat for their own success.

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The platform also showcases top learners, which is a great way to incentivize employees to test themselves against their fellow team members.


Customize your e-Learning

The flexibility and scalability of the configuration of the solution enable the specifically required customization to meet your organizational needs without any IT development. The user-friendliness and the look and- feel can also be adjusted to the image and the particularities of your company.


Data Security

Talentsoft e-learning manager offers a solution that meets the needs of data security for the most sensitive businesses (banking, security of territories, etc.). The solution is controlled by external and independent entities, specialized in code auditing and intrusion tests. The most demanding structures will benefit from hosting on the “IBM Smart Cloud” compliant with the ISO 27001 standard.


How can HRMS Singapore Help you?


We have a pool of Learning Management System (LMS) experts who are highly proficient with the eLearning System who can assist you with the setup and configuration, implementation, training and support. Our experience consultants will first meet and discuss with you to understand the uniqueness of your business and needs to propose the best solution tailored to your business.

Contact us to know more about the Talentsoft eLearning Software Package, support, services and price based on usage.


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