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Plastic Card Printing Service


Most business use plastic/pvc cards for a variety of applications such as Identification, membership, vip card, gift cards, door or gate security access and so many other possibilities are out there. These plastic/pvc cards give the business an easy, effective way to manage their business.

For some, like major corporations, it is the way to make employees’ identification known. The employee carry around a badge ID, tags or name card that they can use to prove who they are and to access into certain areas in the work place.


Plastic Card Printing Singapore


Retailers, too, can use plastic cards to deliver gift cards, VIP or membership cards for consumers. Our plastic card printing services will allow corporate and retail companies to take advantage of these cards at low cost to them and with great results. Plastic or pvc Card is preferred over paper or other material as it is lighter, more durable, water proof, flexible and they last longer.

Plastic card had advanced in technology where a smart chip could be incorporated to store data in digital format (e.g. Mifare, RFID Smart Card), they are especially useful for time attendance, employee or member security access application & management. Some of the examples of smart cards in Singapore are the easylink and nets flashpay which offer so much convenience in transportation and cash transactions in Singapore.

With the sophisticated equipment or printers from our value partners, we are able to supply to the businesses or company different plastic cards they need. Some product types that our partners could make include:


  • RFID smart cards for door access use
  • Customise Ez-link card
  • Customise Nets Flashpay card
  • Mifare card
  • Gift cards
  • Membership/VIP/Identification/name cards
  • Employee ID/tag with photo
  • Custom size plastic cards
  • Customise Print Lanyard to card holders

EZLink Card Customisation
Nets Flashpay Card Customisation

How can HRMS Singapore help you?


We can supply the perfect plastic cards for your business that match your needs and it will be an unique art piece that the user will want to own or keep. Our plastic card print works as it should. If there is a certain type of plastic card that you need, like employee ID cards, you can contact us immediately to have them custom made/print for you. You do not have to worry about restrictions or limitations when choosing us for this printing service as we are the pro and experts in this industry for years.

The reason our service works so well is the fact that we leverage on partners who have the proper equipment and expertise. They have invested in the best plastic card printer equipment and software for this particular job. These printer and software allows us to print all types of plastic cards in a short amount of time and with expected results.

We design and make high quality cards to your specifications. The combination of the two gives you durable cards that last and have the exact look you are after. You can use the cards as expected without worrying about damage or issues with usability. We can also custom made various sizes, colour and new design base on your specifications.

Leveraging on our expertise on HRMS system and processes, We could go extra miles by working with you to understand your existing employee or customer data records on your current system to extract the information for printing the plastic ID or membership cards. If you currently do not have any HRMS , HRIS system, Time Attendance System, or Visitor Management System, we’ll be glad to share & provide our HRMS solutions with you to package as one holistic & full solution as needed.

By placing an order with us for the plastic card printing, you will have access to excellent customer service, price competitiveness as well as fast, high quality products. We could visit you at your home site to understand your requirements so that you will have your cards exactly the way you want it and we shall do our best to achieve your 100% satisfaction with our products.


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