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In the present scenario of developing science and technology, the time attendance system can be said as another innovative improvement. The software application systems have become more and more useful in a lot of appliances and nowadays there are almost no branches of science or research where software application has not been used.

It is being used in the retail shops, schools, organizations, libraries and companies irrespective of small or large. In the technology of applied sciences, software application has found a long range of products and uses starting from visitor management, accessing the control system, door locks/access, face recognition systems and finger print readers.


Time Attendance System Singapore


The time attendance system is one of the most powerful technologies that have been discovered in applied sciences. The function of this system is to track the person that is coming to your place at a certain time which might not be correct. To clear this confusion, a recorder system is installed so that no individual can deny any details regarding his/her appearance or access at a certain place at a certain time.

The system may use bar code device, smart card, biometric fingerprint or bio facial recognition camera or reader product to read and verify a person’s identity and also keep the exact records regarding the clock in and out time record with all the other required information & details.

Benefits of Time Attendance System.


One of the major advantages of the time attendance system over any other conventional systems is there is no scope for inaccuracy. Thus, it is much more appreciated by the people. With the manual registering systems, there are possibilities of error or deliberate misinterpretation of data and it is time consuming.

Another advantage of the time attendance system is, it is much more user friendly. Any person will be able to use it very easily without training as the user interface was designed to be intuitive. It is very fast as well; the user only needs to see at the front of the system and the rest all the details will be recorded with the system automatically. In this process, it saves a lot of time and therefore boost productivity.

Intentional errors like the early punching, late punching and proxy punching can be avoided very easily. Above all, information  could be retrieve easily online with intelligent reports and alerts in order to help management to track the workforce effectively.

Time Attendance System Application.


There are a lot of schools that make the use of time attendance system to check the attendance of the students. Better security is the biggest advantage that can be availed from the time attendance system over the manual system. There are a lot of shops and companies that use the software to check their employee’s attendance details.

If your business organization is in dire need of a system that takes care of the employee shifts, in-time, out-time and all other data in easily accessible reports,  contact us to know how your company can benefit from our powerful and unique Time Attendance System.

HRMS Singapore Time Attendance System


HRMS Singapore Time Attendance System (TAS) is a proactive management tool that helps you control cost and monitor manpower while developing and supporting an effective work force for your enterprise.

HRMS Singapore is able to customize the Time Attendance Solution to your organisation policy and process without losing the benefits of standard, supported package and features!

Our Time Attendance provides a unique business driven approach that enables you to define and manage your diverse time and attendance requirements. We shall discuss with you to understand the uniqueness of you company policy and process to ensure you only pay for necessary changes above the standard off the shelf package.

The diagram below shows an overview of the Time Attendance System.


Time Attendance System Overview


List of powerful features of the our Time Attendance System (TAS):

  • Support multiple clocking per day
  • Direct communication with time clock device
  • Can be configured to handle multiple shifts
  • Easy integration with 3rd party Payroll System if any, via raw data export
  • Ability to do bulk data import, saves bulk of data entry time
  • Delivers Intelligent reports like Individual employee time sheet, roster work plan, daily attendance report & details on the web browser
  • Job costing module to track man hours to project job cost
  • Tight Security login and access  control by job roles.

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Time Attendance System is another critical components within the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Leave Management System & Claim Management to deliver the full functionality of Human Resource Management. Our software is designed to be modular where the Time Attendance System can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation. Talk to us to find out more about our products and services!

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