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Security Advantages of Turnstile in Singapore


When it comes to the security of your business, one of the most important features that can help deter criminal activity is the simple turnstile. For businesses all over Singapore, the turnstile is a product/device that can help your security personnel better identify and react to a situation.


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What is a Turnstile in Singapore?


A turnstile in Singapore is a mechanical barrier or gate that uses metal arm or tripod which guide one person at a time past the device itself. In order to get through the gate/device, the person will have to present a card or fingerprint for the access control system to check and verify.

Once approved, the turnstile will allow the person to go through. If the person is not approved, security personnel can check on the person at the turnstile before they can go any further into the building.

This device works in one direction only so once a person has reached the point where they need identification they cannot turn back on their own. The turnstile itself can use a variety of admittance systems that include card, biometric fingerprint, push button and face recognition.

Turnstiles Singapore come in different design, height and sizes from smaller ones that rise to the level of the hips to full-size ones that look like a door frame. Each type of turnstile product offers its own brand of protection for your business.


How Turnstile Help Your Business Become More Secure


Generally speaking, most turnstile system/products in Singapore are used on the outside of the business, grounds, or event to ensure that the traffic going in can be properly checked before they gain admittance. This means that these devices offer excellent security and protection for those who are already inside and prevent those not allowed inside from gaining entry.

Simple Setup: Arguably the main reason why these devices work so well is that they are relatively simple to setup. The pre-electronic ID form of the turnstile has existed for many decades allowing security personnel to see entrants one at a time. A turnstile in Singapore can be quickly set up outside a building or structure to allow personnel to catch those who do not have the proper credential from entering.

Control Traffic Flow: By allowing people in one at a time, the flow of the traffic entering a building or area can be strictly controlled. This allows for security personnel to react swiftly while creating issues for those who are not authorized to gain access. This combination of attributes is one reason why turnstiles are so popular. It also helps to identify potential intruders which make the job of security personnel easier.




Turnstile Singapore is a one of the critical component within the Corporate Security System. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Time Attendance System to deliver the full functionality of Corporate Security Management. However, our hardware & software are designed to be modular where the Turnstile System/products in Singapore can run standalone to cater for specific needs of your organisation.

If you are looking for the best in security for your small to medium size business, please call us today and let our friendly, courteous staff explain our services, answer your questions, and show you why more people are looking to us as the turnstile & security experts. One call to us will start you on a path to greater security for your business. Don’t wait, call today and find out how we can help your business become safer.


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