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The cost of sending remotely located employees across countries are usually high especially on transport and hotel accommodations. This applies for Face to Face meetings, conference or trainings for employees across countries or geographical locations where travel is essential. That’s where the Virtual Classroom software helps in this aspect where these meetings, trainings or conference can be conducted at the comfort of their local office or home.

Share your training far and wide, thanks to an innovative, interactive virtual class solution that offers powerful discussion tools to each of your platform’s users.


Virtual Classroom Singapore


Features Of Virtual Classroom


  • Live management of voice exchanges, one to one, one to many
  • Synchronous video & audio conference
  • Animation tools : white board, text editor, chat to ask questions
  • Creation of quiz, poll tools (real time survey & results!)
  • Recording of the sessions for future reference & revisions
  • Using Webcams, trainers can visually assess
    their audiences’ receptiveness & participation level.


Benefits of Virtual Classroom


  • Enjoy the main features of face-to-face training (PowerPoint slideshows, questions & answers, etc.), but without the usual costs
  • Learners receive training that is just as interactive as with on-site training
  • Easy Accessibility where Participants log into their LMS platform directly using a basic webbrowser on any device (e.g. PC, Laptop, Tablets etc)
  • Learners can access the recorded sessions anytime after the session, even if he had missed the live session
  • Real Time feedback from learners to measure training effectiveness.


How can HRMS Singapore Help you?


We had engaged many business enterprise to showcase and train them to use the fast and interactive Virtual Classroom on Our Learning Management System Platform. Our experience consultant will first meet and discuss with the owners to understand the uniqueness of your business and needs to propose the best setup and configuration for your business.

Contact us to know more about the Virtual Classroom Package, support, services and price based on usage.


LMS Package Summary - Virtual Classroom

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