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Many offices in Singapore are still registering their visitors or guest at the lobby on a logbook by the security officers or admins before granting entry access to the office. While it is easy to have the security officer or admin to manage the work, it is inefficient as man-hours time is consumed to record the information, verify the identity of the visitors & objectives of the visit. There are many occasions when a visitor is rushing for time and they have to go through these hassles which creates bad and tense experiences.


Visitor Management System Singapore


We understand the pain points of your visitors and the need for your Office or corporate security & control. Our Visitor Management system or software in Singapore caters to these concerns by allowing companies to automate the process of registering a visitor and capturing detailed information easily and simply.

Our Visitor Management System (VMS) Singapore provides a comprehensive, process-driven solution that can be adaptable to your company’s specific requirements. It is user-friendly and helps organisations to improve productivity by reducing manual paperwork and daily routine task in managing visitors or guests on-site to give the maximum protection to your business.


Our Visitor Management System & Features


Our Visitor Management System in Singapore is a user-friendly solution that streamline the process of checking visitors who are checking in and out of your premises. It allows tracking of visitor’s details easily as well as temperature recording for awareness in the event of a disease or virus outbreak. Register a new visitor consists of scanning of their Identity Card that uses a bar code scanner, read and capture a picture of the visitor through a webcam to identify & record each visitor.


Bar code Scanners & webcam

These are the product features of our Visitor Management System:


  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface to track visitors
  • Can be set up as Standalone or Network Systems
  • User login and Access Rights Control Management
  • System Notification tag on New visitor registration
  • Search Visitor/Pass function
  • Mobile Bar code card scanning for accurate validation
  • Image taking of Visitor using webcam
  • Visitor Temperature Recording
  • Printing of Visitor ID Pass/badge/card
  • Visitor Database can be linked up for Company with multiple buildings
  • View/Print Reports: Visitor log, Top Visitor, age group, Top Department Visited etc
  • Easy upgrades/check for future feature or functionality


Technical Specifications/Requirements:


  • Workstation: Windows XP Pro 32/64 bit Service Pack 3, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit
  • Servers: Windows Server 2003/2008
  • >= 2GB Memory
  • >=1 GB hard disk Space
  • Other: Bar code Scanner, Webcam, Temperature With Bar Code Scanner




Visitor Management System is a critical component within the Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) framework. It works hand in hand with other modules such as the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Corporate Security System to deliver the full functionality of Visitor or Guest Management. However, our software products are designed to be modular where the Visitor Management System can run standalone to cater to the specific needs of your organisation.

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